Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people. Happy holidays!

And to all a good night.


Practicalities of life

Fashion blogosphere is a curious thing. When so much is based on aesthetics, practicality tends to fade into the background. Frolicking in the snow in 5 inch heels? Not a problem. Looking fierce in a floaty mini while being subjected to gusts of wind? Piece of cake. 

However, at least at the present time, I live in much more of a practical world. There are life barriers between me and very high heels and raised hemlines. 

Central Auckland has pretty notorious hills and I have the privilege of living atop one. I am also a student who doesn't possess a car, and thus walks everywhere. Hence, heels and hills don't really mix (oooh, "hills and heels" would make quite a nice tongue twister).  It is also either extremely humid, windy or both. Neither works wonders for clothes, skin or hair.

Furthermore, I am above average in height, about 5'11 in fact. I've always been tall, so the sensation is nothing new, and yet it is often difficult for me to embrace heels despite of my love for them. 

Living vicariously through other bloggers isn't all that bad. One of these days it will be me rocking the heels.

Poetry Monday

Ignorance is bliss;
let me drink from the Lethe.
Lie to me tonight.


The weather in Auckland is truly abysmal ( am I the only person who thinks of Joey from Friends upon hearing that word?), which makes it impossible to do any kind of outfit shots. This kind of weather was made for curling up on the couch with your favourite DVDs and/or people.

Therefore I would like to take the opportunity to share some of my past travel photos. Travel is something I am very passionate about, and pretty much all things on my bucket list revolve around travel. In fact, if everything goes to plan, I hope to go on a backpacking trip around Europe with a close friend of mine. Fingers crossed!

Moscow, Russia:


 Odessa, Ukraine:

 Hong Kong:


Here is a brief glimpse into some of my most worn jewelry. I tend to sport numerous rings at any ocassion, prefering them to any other form of jewelry. This isn't always the case however, shown by the bottle pendant which is missing it's chain in the photo.

The big black ring is a poison ring, with a hidden compartment inside of it. Whenever I wear it, I like to think of myself as a femme fatale spy with a deadly powder inside it, a la Milady in the Three Musketeers.

One ring missing from this photo is my copy of the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings movie, in a silver version. I'm yet to get my hands on an Evenstar, as worn by Arwen. It is such a gorgeous design.

(Catch-up) Poetry Monday

My being longs to hear you, darling,
fold origami out of words.
But in the meantime, I'll be smitten,
and you'll be flying with the birds.
I'll be content with your seraphic grin,
and fevered breath engraving braille into my skin.

My being longs to see you, darling,
I do not sleep, I'm Argus-eyed.
My being longs to smell you, darling,
inhale your memories that lied.
Just call me Icarus, my sweet,
my melted wings reveal defeat.

My being longs to touch you, darling,
leave eyelash trails upon your cheek.
I want your kiss of crushed velvet.
The sting of Eros left me weak.
I act coquettish, then act proudly,
but I'm concerned you laugh too loudly.

My being longs to taste you, darling.
You went down smooth, no sugar needed.
It felt like cherries, guilt and neon.
I was your Troy and conquest, you've succeeded. 
At least you weren't cruel, despite my plea,
and took it all at once, oh lucky lucky me.

Travels and such

The trip was fantastic, and even though the weather left much to be desired, it did not spoil the rush of getting out of a city with a friend. In fact, it only made my wanderlust grow more significantly. Is anyone out there about to travel? If so, consider me jealous.

Road Trip

I realise this is rather unfortunate timing for this blog, but I am taking a break from it for a short time to go on a road trip to Wellington city with a friend of mine. It will be amazing, filled with rock n' roll sounds blasting from speakers, feet hanging out the car windows, and bubbles being blown towards the other cars.

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment!


Poetry Monday

Sitting behind you, all I notice is
the outline of your eyelashes (when you turn your head);

and I find myself blinking
when you do

for us to have something,


in common.

Continuation of an Abandoned House

My timing has always been very unfortunate in a lot of aspects of my life. The lights always turn red whenever I want to cross the road and I often run into people I would rather not. So it is fitting that just as I wanted to start this blog, my camera decided to turn on me.

I'll get it fixed sometime soon, so in the meantime, here are some other photos from the Abandoned House photo-shoot.

 I love how this one looks like scene out of a dark fantasy wedding.

 Me conquering an abandoned washing machine.

 The rotting floor isn't visible here, but it was quite precarious up there, so we could only move along the boards less we wanted to fall straight through.

"You jump, I jump, Jack."

 As soon as I saw the shopping trolley, I knew I had to get in. This particular one was crooked and missing a wheel, so it did not balance. The balancing of myself in the trolley was left up to me friend.

 Take note of the toes. How to look serene when you are uncomfortable 101.

Poetry Monday

This is the first in a series of weekly poetry posts. Hopefully it will force me to be a bit more creative and revisit my love for creative writing which doesn't show it's face as often now as I wish. 

Saccharine boy slipped
himself into my cup of
coffee. Sugar shock. 



I hope this blog takes you on a journey of whimsy and gives a peek inside what goes on in my head. I've been a follower of many fashion blogs for a while now and have finally decided to give something back to this lovely community.

I leave you now with a photo of me dressed up and taken in an abandoned house that has since been torn down, much to my dismay.