Here is a brief glimpse into some of my most worn jewelry. I tend to sport numerous rings at any ocassion, prefering them to any other form of jewelry. This isn't always the case however, shown by the bottle pendant which is missing it's chain in the photo.

The big black ring is a poison ring, with a hidden compartment inside of it. Whenever I wear it, I like to think of myself as a femme fatale spy with a deadly powder inside it, a la Milady in the Three Musketeers.

One ring missing from this photo is my copy of the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings movie, in a silver version. I'm yet to get my hands on an Evenstar, as worn by Arwen. It is such a gorgeous design.


  1. Ooh, I'm in love with all of your rings! Especially the black poison ring. I get the feeling that I've seen it (or something very similar) somewhere before.

    And it's also great to see a fellow (decent) NZ blog :) Btw how did you find me?

  2. Cool!! NZ blog love. It's always a nice feeling finding another NZ blogger :)

    Those rings are awesome and I love the bottle pendant. I can see why you wear they're in the 'most worn' category!

  3. your rings are fabulous! i like that black one
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  4. I like the black ring as well. It's always nice to have a nice set of rings that you wear on a daily basis.

  5. mmm I love it! the poison reason is to die for, literally :P
    and I have a lotr ring too, gold-plated version :) they're all beautiful

  6. haha and I meant ring instead of reason sorry :P