Practicalities of life

Fashion blogosphere is a curious thing. When so much is based on aesthetics, practicality tends to fade into the background. Frolicking in the snow in 5 inch heels? Not a problem. Looking fierce in a floaty mini while being subjected to gusts of wind? Piece of cake. 

However, at least at the present time, I live in much more of a practical world. There are life barriers between me and very high heels and raised hemlines. 

Central Auckland has pretty notorious hills and I have the privilege of living atop one. I am also a student who doesn't possess a car, and thus walks everywhere. Hence, heels and hills don't really mix (oooh, "hills and heels" would make quite a nice tongue twister).  It is also either extremely humid, windy or both. Neither works wonders for clothes, skin or hair.

Furthermore, I am above average in height, about 5'11 in fact. I've always been tall, so the sensation is nothing new, and yet it is often difficult for me to embrace heels despite of my love for them. 

Living vicariously through other bloggers isn't all that bad. One of these days it will be me rocking the heels.


  1. LOVE your rings!!

    We are now following your lovely blog :)

    Black Ink Vintage xx

  2. I know what you mean. Some times when I see some outfits on blogs I question if they actually wear them in public.

    Your outfit is chic and practical at the same time.

  3. You're absolutely right. I'll see these girls in sheer skirts with their panties showing, or mesh tops and extremely high heels and, while I love wearing heels and do wear them quite often, not when I'm just walking around all over the city and definitely not in the snow. It's no doubt that they're fashionable, yes, but, honestly, I think they just put some things on for pictures, because they see them on other blogs.

    Personally, I prefer someone who can look chic and who looks, you know, like they can actually do more than sit and pose for a picture in their outfit. That said, I love that polka dot top.

    Obligatory blog link.

  4. Every one of those rings are delightful!

  5. TOTALLY agree. I ALWAYS wear the outfits I post...try to keep my blog inspirational but realistic. I am a mom of a 14 month during the day when the sun is shining, (unless I am going somewhere really special) heels are NOT part of my everyday life. You look great, fashionable but comfortable. Perfection:)

  6. Love the nail color & rings!!
    Come enter my giveaway!!

  7. I'm pretty short, so need to wear heels. I envy you're lovely height.

    I love the flats you're rocking though. And all your rings are gorgeous!

  8. How lovely and confortble outfit! you seem Scarlett Johanson!
    tks for your comment on my blog! What do you think about we follow each other? kisses, see you here, and merry christmas!


  9. well said. but you also have to understand, they're trying to produce great content, so which means it has to look "effortless" and not just ordinary you know? lol. hard work indeed. BUT you are so luck to be in New Zealand right now because it looks warm enough for you to be wearing shorts?! jealoussss! :)

  10. Ah well, at 5'11 you're certainly impressive enough without heels anyways. Consider yourself lucky! :D

  11. I really like your rings - especially the black one. And is that the LOTR ring you were on about?

    I truly don't get how other bloggers can romp around in their hardcore outfits in ridiculous weather (especially the snow in the northern hemisphere at the moment...) just for photos to put on their blog. Maybe we all need to acquire patient, blog-understanding photography-capable boyfriends for that?